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Welcome to Power Planet

Uh oh, you've run out of energy to power your rocket ship. What's that? looks like some poor unfortunate soul has crashed their ship here. Perhaps there is a battery inside?

Proceed through the challenges in this game that will test your mechanical skill and mental acuity.  Can you find the secret?

Controls : 

WASD - Move

Mouse Movement - Control Look Direction

Space - Jump

Left Mouse Button - Primary Fire Mode (Fire1)

Right Mouse Button - Secondary Fire Mode (Fire2)

Left Shift - Run (For Longer Jumps)

1,2,3 or Mouse ScrollWheel - Switch Weapons (after they’ve been acquired)

Gun Specific controls

Blaster - Primary : Shoot | Secondary : Charge

Zap Hook - Primary : Hook | Secondary : None

Mass Vac - Primary : Expand | Secondary : Shrink

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Published Aug 01, 2017
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Windows Zip 18 MB